What is a cookie?

Cookies are used to store information, typically about you, on your device. This is done instead of processing the data on our server and having to feed it back to you when you visit the website in the future. A good example would be to store unsaved progress in a web form on your computer instead of having to update our database every time you press a key.


The most common use for a cookie/similar technology is to remember you as a user, this is done by assigning you an ID that can be used every time you visit the website. This ID can be used to remember information about your session, whether you logged in and what pages you have been viewing. The only thing being stored on your computer(using cookies) is an ID and sometimes a security key. Every time you interact with the website the saved ID is used as a pseudo representation of you and the website will save events you trigger along with your ID.

What type of cookies are used on this site?

Basic tracking – storing viewed shop items.
Analytics – used to improve the website, we use google as a 3rd part as they are trusted and provide a high-quality service.